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My Story

My family spends a lot of family gatherings arguing about who made the best gravy(red sauce), who made the best meatballs ect… I come from a very large family of mostly Italian descent. I became a chef because of my mom & grandmothers, cooking was second nature to them. We have many photos of our family in the kitchen cooking at very young ages, our lives just revolve around food. I’ve held many titles over the past 15 years from first cook to executive chef as corporate chef & it is time for me to share my passion & ability to create beautiful food within my community. It just seemed fitting that I cultivate my love of food by attending culinary school. I went to a small school in Cambridge MA. Being a chef/working with food is a second career for me but it's something I’ve always been passionate about. I have learned that I would rather start following a dream than work in a corporate setting

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